The Journey Continues…

I've been pretty open about my spiritual exploration. In the past year I have embraced that I am in fact Christian. In my heart of hearts I do believe not in a higher power, but in him. Beyond that is where my journey of exploration continues. I'm yearning to discover why part of me has

The Paper Anniversary

In just a few days my husband and I will celebrate one year of marriage. Our journey to marriage was a long one. Our story started as friendship almost twenty years ago, and after long term relationships, a marriage, a divorce and a few break ups we found our way to one another. While it's

Knowing when…

Spring appears to have finally sprung and with it comes all the notions of taking inventory of the household, spring cleaning, goals for spring and summer and so on.  This spring I find myself wanting to purge lots of little things. Lately I look around my house and I see clutter on tables, in bookshelves

Disney and Goal Setting

We are planning another Disney trip in November of this year. We are very excited to go back again. But looking back at photos of my trip in 2007, and photos of 2017... I really want to get the bit of weight I've gained back off. *2007 with Cinderella and Marilyn *2017 with Chris and