Victorian Public Mental Health Services Enterprise Agreement Yc90

We are proud to be a public sector union that advocates for 4% annual wage increases if the government is hellish at stretching public sector wages. The ANMF has provided care profile data on the staffing of all psychiatric units and aims to have this data included in the next corporate agreement as a minimum level to ensure that the expertise of mental health nurses remains accessible to all forensicare consumers. The ANMF office will be closed on Thursday, December 24 from 1 p.m. and will reopen on Monday, January 4 at 8:45 a.m. During this period, an ANMF official (except holidays and weekends) is on request between 8:45 a.m. and 5 p.m. for urgent matters, such as. B the dismissal of a member between 8.45 a.m. and 5 p.m. Please call 9275 9333 and follow the instructions.

It has been a stressful year for our members in the public mental health and forensic sector, who have provided exceptional resilience to Victorian patients and clients under challenging conditions. As previously reported, anMFN continues to strive to ensure and address the workload issues of nurses working in psychiatric wards, as well as to ensure safe, consistent and quality care for the Victorian community. The public mental health agreement expired more than a year ago. Allied health professionals, employed exclusively or primarily in the provision of public psychiatric services, are not covered by the proposed agreement. Other related allegations are aimed at addressing issues related to the occupation of highly dependent units, to the detriment of low-dependency units, and attempting to increase and strengthen mental health care stations in the community. We are disappointed that the agreement has not yet been reached, especially as nurses employed under the Public Sector Nurses and Midwives Agreement in 2020 have now received their 3% pay increase from the first full pay period, on or after December 1, 2020. This salary increase was part of the eight-year salary agreement concluded in 2016 by the ANMF and again approved by the members in April 2020. We know that in order to fix the mental health system, we need to address the issues that plague staff. Quality psychiatric services are only set up with respected and well-rewarded staff. In a state-of-the-art hospital, the team offers quality services with the latest technologies. Our eleven operating rooms (including 2 endoscopy rooms), intensive care units, emergency and women`s units all have access to elevators for critical services that connect the heliport and allow for rapid transfer of patients inside and outside the health care.

The Department of Clinical Surgeries includes mental and acute health services, with a focus on excellent care, every person, every time. We offer a wide range of medical, surgical and special services, including oncology, cardiology, kidneys, emergency, women and children, intensive care, specialty clinics and psychiatric services. Psychiatrists have had enough. The Victorian government and its negotiators are not listening. The most recent royal commission called staff the “heart” of the mental health system – shouldn`t the heart be treated with more respect? We are asking for measures in the negotiation process – no more delaying tactics. Thousands of HACSU members have spoken to us over the past 14 months, and it`s clear that we need to step up our campaign to ensure Victoria`s mental health employees get the ABE they deserve. Increase in staff. Manageable workloads. Safer jobs. A salary increase.

A secure retirement. Reproductive health and holiday well-being for all workers. Psychiatric help to the recognition of your professional skills.. .