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A security breach was reported by Nitesh Dhanjani and Rujith on 7 April 2007. Because Twitter uses the phone number of an SMS sender as authentication, malicious users can update another person`s status page using SMS-spoofing. [339] The vulnerability could be exploited if the spoofer knew the phone number registered on the victim`s account. Within weeks of this discovery, Twitter introduced an optional personal identification number (PIN) that allows its users to authenticate their SMS messages. [340] In July 2019, Twitter officially released this redesign, with no other way to unsubscribe during login. It was designed to further standardize Twitter`s user experience between the web version and the app version, granting a three-column layout with a sidebar with links to public spaces (including Explore) and functions from the mobile version (for example.B multi-account support and opt-out for the “Top Tweets” mode in the timeline). [325] [326] To re-post a message from another Twitter user and share it with their own followers, a user can click the Retweet button in the tweet. Users can respond to responses from other accounts. Since November 2019, users can hide replies to their messages. As of May 2020, users can choose who can reply to any of their messages: anyone, accounts that follow the poster, some accounts, and none. [143] is a URL reduction service created by Twitter.

[151] It is only available for links posted on Twitter and not for general use. [151] All links posted on Twitter use a wrapper [162] Twitter hopes the service will be able to protect users from malicious sites,[151] and use it to track clicks on links in tweets. [151] [163] In December 2012, Twitter and Nielsen entered into a multi-year agreement on the production of social television quotas to be marketed as the Nielsen Twitter TV Rating for the fall 2013 season. [545] [546] Advertising Age stated that Twitter has become the new TV guide. [547] In February 2013, Twitter bought Bluefin Labs for an estimated $50 million to $100 million. Created in 2008 at the MIT Media Lab, Bluefin is a data miner whose analysis indicates which brands (for example.B. TV shows and companies) are the most chatted on social networks. [545] [546] [548] MIT Technology Review stated that Bluefin gives Twitter a portion of the $72 billion advertising market. [549] In response to Twitter`s security breaches, the U.S.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) indicted the service; the allegations were resolved on June 24, 2010. It was the first time the FTC approached a social network for security breaches. The comparison requires Twitter to take a number of steps to protect users` private information, including maintaining a “comprehensive information security program” that will be independently reviewed every two years. [345] The new layout was revised in 2011, with a focus on continuity with the web and mobile version, the “Connect” tabs (interactions with other users such as responses) and “Discover” tabs (more information on trend themes and headlines), an updated profile design, and the transfer of all content to the right (the left sector remaining dedicated to functions and the list). trend topics). [317] In March 2012, Twitter became available in Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, and Urdu, the first right-to-left language versions of the site. . .