Sunningdale Agreement Sample Essay

After a lively debate, the representatives of the Unionists finally recognized the formation of an Irish Council. The parties to the negotiations signed the final agreement on 9 December. On 4 January 1974, four weeks after the signing of the agreement, the Ulster Unionist Council voted by 427 votes to 374 against the new Council of Ireland. This forced Faulkner to resign as head of the UUP, although he retained his position as executive chief. These issues were resolved, at least in theory, by the Sunningdale Agreement. This agreement, signed in December 1973, created three political bodies: a proportionally elected Northern Ireland Assembly, an executive government with power shared by nationalists and unionists, and a “Council of Ireland” composed of delegates from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. CHARACTERISTICS OF FASCISM IN GERMANY Supporters of the DUP and Ulster Vanguard have turned the inaugural session of the Assembly into a farce. One DUP member allegedly tried to steal the Maze while one Vanguard MP was doing a “war dance” on the tables and others threw themselves around chairs. Officers from the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) were called to evacuate the meeting, with some suffering minor injuries. Paisley himself was seen dung with the police.

Conservatives like Ian Paisley and his Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) have been outraged to see Irish politicians in Dublin and ulster nationalists get a seat in the Northern Ireland government. Even the more moderate Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) was divided in power-sharing, with its candidates declaring themselves either “pro-white paper” or “anti-white paper.” While moderate Unionists could tolerate a power-sharing cabinet, they could not support Ireland`s proposed council. The Unionists, still suspicious of Dublin, saw the Council as an important step towards the reunification of Ireland. The nationalists supported the idea. The situation became untenable and, until March, even moderate members of the UUP had withdrawn their support for Sunningdale. The last blow came in May 1974, when the Ulster Workers` Council (UWC), a loyalist workers` association, organised a general strike for 15 May. Loyalist paramilitaries threw their weight behind the strike, harassing and intimidating non-UWC members. Finally, Northern Ireland`s heavy industry has come to a halt. The Sunningdale Agreement has sounded the alarm in Northern Ireland, particularly in loyalist circles. Many were outraged that Faulkner, Sunningdale`s chief unionist negotiator, accepted the Irish Council but failed to enforce his own demands (formal recognition of Northern Ireland by Dublin, severe crackdown on IRA suspects in the Republic and new security measures). Five portfolios (education, finance, agriculture, environment and information) were entrusted to the members of the UUP.