First Timer’s Club: Cosplay Part 2

When we left off I was mid crafting on my Hera Syndulla Cosplay. So on Sept 17th when I updated last, I was about 80% done my jumpsuit, and still had so many things left to complete. You can see that post here.

So between then and now a bunch of stuff happened. I hit a few delays as I injured some muscles in my back and leg from running and was essentially laid up for two weeks, and then slowly got back to routines. It’s now early November and I’m finally able to stand to do a full sink of dishes. Not only was the time laid up a challenge for me on my day to day life, but I spent a bunch of time and money on making a cosplay for a convention I wasn’t even sure I’d get to go to. But after weeks of physio, and adapting how I cut/pin and sew with many breaks inbetween, I worked through it.

I started with by getting my sleeves and collar on. I ended up taking both in a bit as I have been gradually shrinking in size since I first cut out the pattern. So I had to adapt and take it in where I could as I went. The sleeves looked pretty great after I took them in. The collar was the one thing I did have challenges with. I did wait until the very end to add it to my jumpsuit, and adding it wasn’t the issue. It was a bit too tall for my neck so I did have to leave the top eye and hook open, but I honestly don’t think anyone noticed.

After completing those to parts, I moved on to the vest and belt. The vest was made from scratch. I took a tank top I had here and made a crude pattern. Then, thanks to a friend learned how to do fork pleats on youtube and made my vest that way. It’s not perfect, and it was a bit rushed, both due to available time when I felt well enough to work on it, and wanting to have something functional for the convention. I will likely re-make the vest for March knowing what I know now. I’ll also try to find the pattern that the Rebel Legion folks are using so it’s more accurate.

The belt was also made from scratch and had to be re-sized multiple times between when I first made it and went to the convention.

But after a month of working through it, adapting how I had to work on it, it came together! While the vest was being done my husband Chris was working with a friend to pattern and 3D print my helmet! You can read all about that here. He did a wonderful job! I got so many compliments on the helmet and the fit, after a few trial and error prints and fittings.

Overall, it was a good experience. I decided to do this earlier this year to prove to myself I could pick up a new hobby and start something and finish it. I did both! I never anticipated the attention I got at HalCon for my cosplay and appreciate the kind words from everyone and all the support from some friends, local cosplayers and a few other Hera Cosplayers online who were willing to share their insights as I worked through costume construction. With that, I leave you with some photos of the finished product! Proud to say the only things that weren’t custom made for this costume were my footwear, gloves and flight cap (which I did modify).

I’m pretty proud and grateful for all the support.

Until next time!

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