First timers club: Cosplay

After we came home from Star Wars Celebration I had the bug. After seeing all the amazing craftmanship of so many inspiring cosplays I decided I was going to crack out ole’ Bobby Singer and do some sewing!

We have been talking about going to HalCon in Halifax for years, no time like the present to use that as a reason to start on a cosplay project or two.

Note that both of these are still in the deep trenches of creation, but I’m getting there. My first cosplay and the one I”ll be talking about today is going to be Phoenix Leader, Hera Syndulla from Star Wars Rebels.

So as you can see, I have my work cut out for me. So I started working on August 5, after a trip to Fabricville and a generous donation of a pattern from a friend I was on the road to my first cosplay.

After sewing for a few weeks, I decided I was going to invest in a pro set of Lekku (the head tails). I did a bit of research and heard amazing things about TwilekPam aka P&S Costume Creations

I ordered a set of Hera Syndulla Lekku, colour matched to my Mehron Light Green makeup which I had already trialed. Watch for a colour test with the Lekku and full face of make up soon!

So here we are – Sept 17th. My husband has finished printing and painting my blaster.

My jumpsuit is 80% complete. I need to add the collar, sleeves and elastic in the bottom of the legs.

Then I need to make my vest and harness. I’m still thrifting in hopes of finding boots and gloves, but I have a back up plan if I can’t find anything. I have some old boots here I can dye if I have to. I also have to alter the flight cap pictured above. I used little kid tights, which worked great, but I need to create a panel on the top for asthetics, especially if I wear it without the helmet during the convention.

My helmet is being 3d modeled by a friend and then printed here on our 3D printer. My husband will use his painting talents for the decals, but I’ll likely do the other painting of it. Since the Lekku have arrived, it’s now much easier to measure and create them to fit properly.

Needless to say, this has been an adventure so far and a fun one at that. The cosplay community has been super kind and helpful. I appreciate their patience with me as I dabble in this new hobby!

Next post will be about my other Cosplay project – Fallout 4 Piper!


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