Our Disney Vacation 2018 Day 3

Appreciate the comments I’ve received in person as people read the blog. Love hearing from you in person, or in the comments. Thank you for reading along!

Day 3, after freezing the night before at the Christmas Party, we headed out to Hollywood Studios the following morning. We had fast passes for Toy Story Mania and I was going to experience the Frozen Sing Along for the first time, as well as Beauty and the Beast Live!

We had also made plans to come back to Magic Kingdom that evening as, it was open until Midnight and we could see the Non-Holiday fireworks! (Happily Ever After Fireworks)

All in all, Toy Story Mania never disappoints. It’s always a fun time, it was also our first look at Toy Story Land. We had a fast pass for Slinky Dog Rollercoaster for later in the week, since it and Toy Story Mania were in the same Fast Pass Tier. Toy Story Land is very well themed and also TINY! Once Galaxy’s Edge opens, the traffic flow will be better, but right now, it’s not very good. It’s a narrow single entrance/exit point into Toy Story Land, with only one concession for food with very limited seating. More on that in our last day post.

Hearing H and K sing along to Frozen was awesome. I may have a little video of it. I enjoyed it and sang along too, who am I kidding! We enjoyed some eats at the Backlot Express (Darkside Chicken and Waffles).

After a bit of a power nap back at the resort we made our way back to Magic Kingdom, prepared for the cooler temps this time! I bought a hat, and wore a my blanket scarf! But, I rode my first rollercoaster, which was Big Thunder Mountain… I didn’t die, I didn’t pee my pants and I didn’t puke! I think everyone in our party thought one of those was going to happen. But I just decided I wasn’t going to let my fear win, and I’m glad it didn’t because it was awesome! We rode it, then had the BEST nachos at Pecos Bill in Frontierland. Best Queso! Then we made our way over to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, it had a decent wait time (40 mins I think). The queue line was themed nicely, the ride was awesome but honestly way to short!

As for the Happily Ever After Fireworks – awesome, just like all the others. The Christmas one was good but HEA was emotional for me. So many great clips of movies projected on the castle, goosebumps and happy tears.

So day 3 was loads of fun, we dressed for the weather, took many selfies and ate loads of yummy food. Overall Day 3 felt like we were finally on vacation.



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