The Eve of Another Year

Nan in the 1940’s and Mom in 1957

Let’s be honest, we all know one person who absolutely loves getting older. They have embraced it with wild abandon and can’t wait for white hair and feel those years might be the best of their lives.

I’m not one of those people. If anything, in the last two years I’ve had strong feelings about how I squandered some of my time between 20 and 40. Now, don’t get me wrong. Some of that was absolutely life, and learning and worth it, buuuuut, there are other parts that when I have time to reflect on them, I wish I had taken the trip, bought the sporty car, but more importantly spent more time with important people in my life.

My Nan was one of my closest friends, if not my bestest friend. I spent years getting to know about her life, for fear of when she wouldn’t be around to tell me anymore. I drank it all in. I find myself wishing I had done that more with others. Sure, I have memories of childhood and stories, but I feel like there are huge gaps of history that I just haven’t absorbed yet about so many people I care about! There just isn’t enough time.

I want more dinner dates with family! Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Nieces… Everytime I have an opportunity to visit with my Uncles and Aunts, I always leave with a bit of joy in my heart. The stories they tell about when my parents were young, or when I was young. Stories about their travels and their lives. Those stories are their legacy just like my stories are mine.

Which brings me around to something that is both sad, and beautiful all at the same time. If our legacy is the memories and the stories that we are part of and that we share, as long as those stories are being told, we are still alive in the hearts and minds of others. But eventually because we don’t have children of our own, or don’t have younger folks around us, those stories will fade away. Even when that time comes, we ask ourselves, will we be proud of the stories that were told? Will we find joy and peace in the legacies we leave behind?

Deep thoughts on the eve of 41 my friends.

In my 41st year, I want to see more of you. I want to have meaningful conversations and quality time. Let’s work together to make that happen.



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  1. “Oh I can’t wait until I grow up so can stay up late, and no one can tell me what to do!!” And stomp to one’s room. This or something like it we all may have said at one point when we where young, and the advise we would want to give to our younger self is to not be in such a rush. This advise we should also give to our ownselfs really but not about taking one’s time but to admire and look at the little things in life and enjoy them, and never look back on your past as wasted, as really without it, it would never gotten you where your are and who you are today. Don’t dwell on the “what if’s” except work on the what is and what will be. Always stop and admire the little things, as well as stand back and admire the big things. Also it also good to stay in touch with your roots. As well don’t forget to admire the new one’s. Live, love, laugh. And have a good birthday 😉

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