Our Disney Vacation 2018 Day 2

So Day 2 we didn’t have park tickets, only a ticket to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. That didn’t mean we couldn’t enjoy Disney just the same.

In the morning we headed to Disney Springs! We had tickets to The Void: Star Wars Secrets of the Empire VR Experience! So we all went our separate ways in the morning for some adventures and met up in the early afternoon for the VR experience, a walk down Christmas Tree Lane and a bit more shopping. We relaxed a bit back at the resort and headed back out to Magic Kingdom for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!

So – Hands down the VR experience was one of our favourite parts of our entire trip! If we had a chance to do it again we likely would! The attention to detail, the fact that you are moving and interacting with your friends in this virtual world was all so impressive. I enjoyed being rebels infiltrating as Stormtroopers with hubby and W. It was a blast! We talked about it most of the trip and have told all our friends it’s a must do if you get the chance and are remotely at Star Wars fan!

We enjoyed a delicious meal at Raglan Road in Disney Springs as well. It’s worth mentioning because their food was pub style with a twist and absolutely delicious!

Now on to the Christmas Party. So I have a mixed review for this. First off, it was cold. Coming from a Canadian, that’s alot. We all wore our jackets or hoodies and were still pretty cold for the most part. It did put a damper on our night. But, we did get to see it snow on Main Street, see the Holiday Parade, and the Christmas Fireworks! I honestly didn’t feel the same “magic” for the Christmas Parade as I have for the Halloween one I saw in 2017. There was more energy in the Halloween Parade by far. Maybe the cold took it’s toll on the cast members too!

Due to the weather it made it challenging to want to eat any of the cold Christmas Treats they had, but the cookies were all packaged individually, so it made it easy to collect them all and snack on them all week, which we totally did!

If I were to give you a recommendation on holiday celebrations at Disney (this coming from a big Christmas Nerd) Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is by far a better extra ticket party than Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. Ticket prices are similar but the overall theme and entertainment around Halloween was far more engaging.

We were back to Magic Kingdom several times over the trip so there is more to come!



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