Body Image and the Lies the Mirror Tells Us

I’ve had this topic scheduled for a month and it’s never an easy one. But I wanted to tackle it. Last year, you might recall my husband taking the scale away from me? Since then I’ve had lots of time to ponder body image, our preconceived notions that we need to be a certain size, a certain look to be valued and respected by others. To quote Lin Manuel Miranda in Mary Poppins Returns,”The cover is not the book!” It’s so true.

How often are you walking down the street and you judge a person by their disposition or clothing? We have all been guilty of it at one point or another. I think it is unfortunately something we all do, it’s a natural instinct to assess your surroundings. But, I think we need to try to remember, the “cover of the book’ is only just a small piece of the story and making any assessment/judgement without knowing more of the story is just unfair.

As someone who has been bullied for her weight, even as an adult in the professional world, I can honestly say that working remotely has had it’s advantages. My clients and co-workers all got to know my face on a screen, and by how I conduct myself at work. Only after building a strong rapport did they see me in person. What I’d love to know is that, since they already knew me, upon meeting me did they even notice my size? Or did my skills and personality already imprint upon them. It’s been a good exercise in confidence building.

Now that said in the past year I’ve really learned to love me. If I lose weight, gain weight… whatever! As long as I am healthy, it doesn’t matter. So I make good choices and if I shrink, great! If I don’t, I’m alright with that. I need to only look back for the lessons, and remember it’s been 10 years since I was almost 300 pounds. The fear of going back there has kept me focused enough, but what I really needed to be focused on was just being healthy! Size doesn’t matter in this case. Health does.

So what can you take away from this post my friends? Do right by yourself. For 20 years or more my Dad has been saying, “If I knew I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.” To that I say, there is no time like the present. We get one shot at this, we can eat the cake, but we also have to make sure that our Bugatti, Porsche or whatever high end vehicle you want to compare yourself to, is running smoothly, efficiently and for a long time to come.

So if not for yourself, please take care of yourself for your family and friends. We all want you around for many many more years.



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  1. 🙂 first I like to point out the last line of your blog should be in big bold print and posted every where, just cause it will make whomever reads it smile. Secondly I am proud of the steps you had made, and the self realization that your went through, after all my friend it is never about the amount lost, what the scale or mirror says, it’s all about health, and how you feel. No number or image in a scale can help with that. The scales and mirrors are just a gauge, really are pointless in the grand scheme of things. So love and be healthy. Eat, sleep, laugh, and smile. And enjoy what is.

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