The stress of big purchases

I’m on the hunt for a treadmill. It’s not a cheap piece of equipment. In my hunt I’m torn between quality and price. I plan on using it daily, so I want something that will hold up, and last. Which honestly puts the price between $800 and $1200. It’s an investment in my overall health, but also something that I’ve talked about buying for years and scrapping the gym membership.

So I think my ah-ha from this is, why do we always find it hard to invest money like that in ourselves? When truly it’s not a wasteful purchase? I got a bonus in December, I spent a portion paying on a credit card, but the rest went into our house savings. Work has been quiet this month, January sometimes is, but I really want this purchase, but pulling the trigger is scary! I hope to post photos of my new treadmill next week, once I finally get the courage to JUST BUY THE DARN THING! Until then, I’m working on my Disney Vacation post for next Tuesday. Going to recap our trip and all the fun we had.



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  1. First off never put off a purchase for your health and well being is always worth it and pays its own dividends. If its something that you will use consistently will help you then its well worth any cost. But if all you ever needed from the gym was a tread mill then yea then your just looking at the cost of a monthly membership over the cost of a payment. Some free weights maybe helpful to kick around as well, maybe some resistance bands which are pretty cheap on amazon at the moment. Of course there is the issue of maintenance you would need to handle yourself, may also lead you to picking up some new skills in the mean time. Even with the best treadmill they all eventually show there age and have wear and tear, and resistance bands do tend to wear and break as well. But hopefully its way in the future where you will not wear and tear šŸ˜‰ But I was always of the mind that having equipment at home is always good for snow days, or days the gym is closed, or just can’t get there. also its nice to have the option of getting a good morning workout in and then shower for the day. Instead of a rush shower in the middle if at all. Then always have the gym as the place of solitude to workout with peers and work on your own goals together. To have that threshold of once passed those doors, it time to get it done. Who cares what the day has brought, or stung. Its time for you.. etc. As all our goals should never be to lose X or to trim that. I rather to work on bettering myself. To break my own barriers that I though where my limits. To kick my own ass, and realize my own potential. and above all else to feel good šŸ˜€

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