Dreams, ambition and the chewy stuff in between.

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m the Queen of big ideas. I have lots of them, and I would say 80 % of the time I execute on them. I want to focus on execution of the other 20%.  My husband Chris and I, along with another couple have started working on a bit of a side hustle. It is in the early stages but I feel with the right attention, planning and care it could turn into something that will give us a nice little nest egg for our travel dreams. But, before we can really build a solid foundation and plan, we really need to determine how each of us can leverage our talents. While some are obvious, others aren’t. To that end, I’m going to try my hand at learning all I can about our 3D Printer so that we can more effectively manage our print times, and productivity. I also need to set up a space somewhere, be it beside Chris’s workshop or elsewhere for my sewing machine. Those are my TWO big things I want to do for the side hustle. But, besides that… I want to grow my skills at my day job! Over the last five years I have learned so much, and it’s time to take it to the next level. I want to visit new ways of doing business, and new ways of collaborating with my team. They are all such a great bunch that I think they’d all be on board as the projects, and workload allow.

I’d be interested to know what new and exciting ways you collaborate with your teams at work? In the office or with remote workers? Do you use video chats? Messenger services or online collaboration tools? What is working now, what hasn’t worked in the past? We can learn from all of that.

I’m going to wrap out this post with some thoughts about the months and year ahead. Be brave! Have the courage to dream big and make it happen! We only have ourselves to blame if we don’t get out there and do things. The sky is the limit! Let’s be brave together!



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  1. Working where i do we do a lot of remote work, as you may have already theorized like yourself. I just have more local teammates 😉 But generally for remote collaboration we use mostly internets/ Skype being the defacto standard these days for communication / collaboration. Although we have a few instances of Slack, or microsoft port of it called Microsoft Teams, which is just really the reemergence of IRC on steroids, but both are pretty refined. File sharing and archive searching is a nice feature. We generally don’t use video chats really as video images generally slow down the connection when you get an amount over 10. But Skype does has some screen share ability, which will allow to view and assist, etc.

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