2018 – A Reflection

When I was younger I’d always do a recap of my year, look back on the events. For some reason it popped in my mind earlier this month so I thought why not! Let’s recap 2018 for #MacDuffLife2018


We kicked off the New Year with friends. We enjoyed my first attempt at Gordon Ramsay’s Beef Wellington and our inaugural game of Charterstone with Matthew, Kate, Steve and Jenn. It was a lovely evening and a great way to kick of 2018.

In January I started doing Yoga daily, it did last the month, but fell to the wayside in February. I also re-launched my website in January and as life got busier my posts became more infrequent. As a reminder to myself, I really need to write more and stick with things I love. Blogging has always been one of them!






I turned 40! Rang in my birthday with a night out at Italian by Night with friends and a lovely little get together at our place after. It was a nice way to go into the next decade of my life. Mid month I travelled to Las Vegas and enjoyed time working with a client and seeing most of my day to day work team. We enjoyed a meal out together and a full day session collaborating before we all headed back home. Food Highlight of that trip was Other Mama and Nittaya’s Secret Kitchen. Both were amazing and I got back to Nittaya’s again during another visit! When I arrived home my sweet husband had painted and added the new touches to our bedroom that I had been picking up on Wayfair. Such a wonderful surprise.








Enjoyed seeing the Post Secret Stage Show with Tara. We bought tickets months before and the show was amazing. After years of reading the books, following the blog and submitting my own secret, it was really great to see the live stage show and feel the emotional impact of other’s secrets.  March was also when Jenn moved into the ‘hood! Super excited to have her and Marilyn closer!


Chris took me to the Inn the first weekend of April.  Later in the month Kate and I went for Mani/Pedi’s for her birthday and enjoyed a wonderful dinner at East Coast Bistro to celebrate. Great way to end out April.










The month of our first wedding anniversary! But first we kicked it off with the first gallery hop of the season and a meal at Churchills! It was Burger Week, so we all indulged in themed burgers, onion rings and shakes. It was a fun evening!  We had Free Comic Book Day, and Lisa and I packed up her little Miss and we went to Halifax on a little overnight shopping excursion! We had a great time and little Miss was an angel! We house warmed with Steve and Jenn, had East Coast Comic Expo,  paid off and CLOSED a credit card, went to see Mamma Mia with Kate, went to the Vagina Monologues with Jenn and Tina and started booking dining for our Disney Trip! The fun didn’t stop there…







Chris joined me in Las Vegas the first of June. I had three days of work, and we tagged on some extra days to celebrate our anniversary since May was so busy! We spent the weekend with Bill and Hilary, checked out Mount Charleston.  I spent a few days working. We spent the remainder of out time at Mandalay Bay.  We took in J.Lo at Planet Hollywood with some colleagues, went to see HAMILTON with Bill and Hilary… which I just can’t say enough about. Loved it and so glad I finally got to see it! We also got a pass to take in a few attractions, so we went to the Titanic Exhibition, Body Exhibition and the Secret Garden Zoo at the Mirage.  All super fun, but 8 days away from home were long enough.






We kicked off July with a BBQ for Canada Day. Nice to see folks after a busy few months where we just didn’t stop. Unfortunately reflecting back on May, it will always be crazy. Then with work travel piled on it was a busy busy time! We booked our flights for Disney and I tested the learning product we were building most of the month before launching it for one of our clients.


Chris took me to the Inn over the long weekend. It was a year since Nan passed and it was a difficult time for me. I ended up being on call for work while I was there. It was still a nice relaxing time, but I can only imagine how much more relaxing it would have been without the work calls. Phil arrived in mid August for Fundy Fringe. He was here for two weeks. We took in Third Shift, a Gallery Hop and Fringe Shows while he was here. Loved having him here for the two weeks. Chris and I wrapped out his visit by driving  him to Halifax for his next set of shows and doing a wee bit of shopping at Ikea.







I started doing a bit more formal of a bible study. It’s been a learning experience for me, but I’ve stuck with it, even now in December.  Went to Moncton to see Aqua and Prozzak. It was a great time with some fun ladies. Even if some silly drunk girl poured her red wine over my head! We had dinner for Chris’s birthday and the definite highlight was the add on to Cash and Guns… safety glasses and nerf guns thanks to the Turnzells! I hosted a bridal shower for Hilary, and we ate sweets and painted. Nice co-ed celebration for her.


We enjoyed Thanksgiving at Dale’s and then at my parents. I didn’t have to cook! It was a nice treat for us! We joined Matthew and Kate for Seinfeld and had a great dinner and lots of laughs at the show with them. Enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of fellowship with Stacey, Tammy and Maureen. Something I definitely hope we get to do again! Enjoyed a lovely dinner at Thandi’s for Jenn’s birthday and wrapped out the month with Hilary and John’s wedding!





Chris got his second Tattoo. It’s super cool, and let’s be honest, only makes him hotter! We played some games for the IWK and got so see some folks we don’t see too often. Went to Rhoda’s craft fair as we always do, and before we knew it we were off to Disney! We had an amazing time. I rode rollercoasters for the first time and I’ll be more open to ride others during our next Disney trips. All good fun!







Flew by in a blink! We got home from Disney and then it was Christmas. The holidays were quiet, the first that quiet in a long time. It was both good and bad. I found myself pretty blue in parts but Chris and I really enjoyed our vacation time home together. Looking back on 2018, we had lots of adventures and many more to come in 2019!


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