In between Las Vegas and Canada Day

I promise I haven’t forgotten to write.  Haven’t had time to sit in front of the computer and write for myself in awhile. I traveled out to Las Vegas in early June for a week. As always it’s a fulfilling trip. Hubby traveled with me and we spent half the week with friends and the other half at the Mandalay Bay.  It was a good balance between the quiet of Summerlin and the crazy chaos of the Strip during their first Stanley Cup Playoffs. It was a  treat to walk the streets and see fans in their Jerseys and be filled with excitement for their home team. The Las Vegas Knights really made an impression on the locals and they were all too happy to tell us all about their team when we were in a rideshare or restaurant. Overall I’m really glad we got to be there during that time, it was a side of Vegas I hadn’t seen before.

During the trip we got to see the Hamilton Touring Show, which was phenomenal and we also went to see J. Lo at Planet Hollywood.  She put on a fantastic show! The only complaint I’d have is that we were so close, we couldn’t hear until noon the next day!

After we got home it took me the good part of a week to get caught up on sleep, and adjust to Atlantic time again.  We also came home to warmer weather which was nice.

The time between the trip and now has been a blur. Mostly because my work has been very busy. Many projects converging at the same time.  We have made time to see friends on weekends but my week nights have mostly been filled with work until 8 or 9pm if not later when working with West Coasters.

In this crazy time I’ve felt distanced from my friends even though I’m trying to find times on the weekends to see them. Me being the social creature I am, it’s been hard on the head.

In the coming weeks I’m going to try to post here more, but also try to get my “spaces” in the house back in order. The spring between work and travel didn’t give me much time to get a few things done I wanted. Tonight I’m going to finish with the office so I can move back into it. (I’ve been working from the dining room or living room now for months) Once the office is done, we can move on to the spare room. That room needs to be organized, but once it is it will be a great spot to sit and work away from my desk, sew at my sewing machine or read a book! Which was the intent of the room to begin with. Having these special spaces in order in our home will make me happy.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their summer. I’m going to try to get back to regular posts. I have a few drafts on other topics I really should get back to!





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