Knowing when…

Spring appears to have finally sprung and with it comes all the notions of taking inventory of the household, spring cleaning, goals for spring and summer and so on.  This spring I find myself wanting to purge lots of little things. Lately I look around my house and I see clutter on tables, in bookshelves – all these little objects that don’t have a home, but could easily be stored somewhere labelled -Dice, Keychains, Stationary, Lip Gloss… yet it still remains around the house in a mason jar or on a shelf.  I feel somewhat paralyzed at where to begin to purge and organize these odds and sods. The big things I can handle, it’s all these little things.

I realize when I’m stressed, I want my house in order. When I’m stressed, I want to clean, paint, renovate and organize. I’m sure I’ve always known this on some level, but lately my brain has just been a buzz with frustration of the clutter. I’m going to try to start somewhere, even if it is something simple like a cupboard or a shelf and hopefully things will slowly fall into their proper home.

Which brings me around to the core of this post – taking care of yourself. Be that mentally, physically or emotionally. Sometimes it’s hard for others around us to understand why we aren’t making plans with them, or calling upon them as often. We all owe ourselves the opportunity to just be in silence and take the time we need. I’ve found myself withdrawing in recent weeks because work had a period where it was emotionally draining. It has since passed, but in the that time I realized that (true to my nature) I was worrying for everyone else and it was not treating me well. Three weeks ago I got heavily back into meal planning, weighing in and moving more. It’s been good structure for me and it’s slowly helping me unwind. I’m not becoming a hermit, I’m just prioritizing my own well-being.

I’ve never liked the term self-care. I have seen it used too many times to justify eating a bag of cookies or half a cheesecake. I think “self-care” isn’t like a day at the spa that you do once in a while to feel better. It’s daily, and it’s called personal well-being. Checking in with yourself, making sure you are rested,  your mind and body are well fed and nourished and your heart and soul are happy or for some, mending. We should never feel selfish for confronting the things that make us unhappy or uncomfortable, and making changes in our lives to improve upon them.  I know personally I will be a better, wife,  daughter and friend because I spend this time cultivating my well-being.  I hope everyone in my life finds a way to do the same.

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