I get knocked down, but I get up again.

The road to success is paved with good intentions. Sometimes bumps in the road come along and knock us off the wagon. Success is recognizing it and getting back on the wagon!

The last few weeks have been super challenging for me. I’ve made it to the gym a handful of days, my eating has been HORRIBLE! We had some changes at work and it raised my stress meter just a tad!

I’m usually pretty collected but this just put me into overdrive. While both wanting too be successful at work, achieve my work goals and keep things on target I totally let my personal goals and success just fall off the wagon as I blazed on ahead with work. The clear moment I knew I was off the rails? A night last week while working late, I didn’t want to lose time so I ordered a cheap pizza. It could be delivered, eaten all while I wouldn’t lose any productivity time. But what mistake did I make? Ordering the Pizza, not really. Having it in my house as leftovers for the days that followed… that’s my mistake. If I could have eaten two slices and just tossed the rest (which I could have, it was only $10!) then it wouldn’t have felt so bad.

I also know some of you are laughing at how much of a big deal this isn’t. To me it is. I know my goals and controls. They are well established and when I deviate, I beat myself up more than I should. But I know I can’t keep leftovers pizza in my house! I know I can’t have bite sized chocolate around unless it’s portioned out for me. These are controls I know and that work.

So instead of dwelling on how off track I am, I spent some time thinking about it over the weekend. I’m in control. I can say no to bad food choices, I buy the groceries. I for the most part set my own schedule AND can book an hour each day to get myself to the gym or out for a run. These are things I AM in control of!

So I did a few things this weekend to help set up me up for success this week and the weeks ahead.

  • I purged my social media accounts of Weight Loss sites that make me feel bad about my progress.
  • I wrote down my strategy for the week and sketched out meal plans to achieve my goal for the week
  • I decided I wouldn’t step on the scale until Friday morning (opposed to Monday)
  • I recognize I’m better with a support network so I’m going to post here to be more accountable. (Sorry if you don’t want to follow along)
  • If I hit all my goals for this week I am going to finally buy my new fitness monitor (Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin = TBD)
  • Going to write down one thing each day that I did each day that was for me, and my success.


Recognizing when we need to take a step back and evaluate is part of the journey. I can accept that I love sweets, I love cheeseburgers more than I should and I’m going to be diabetic like my dad soon or have a heart attack, or I can get my shit together and start taking care of myself by making more responsible choices. There is only one me, and I have so much more life to live. Not taking care of myself now is a disservice to myself, but also to all those who love me. I’m committing to get back to a healthier lifestyle, not only for my own happiness, but for those who love me and would like me to stick around.


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  1. Go eat a cheese burger. Btw the cheese burger is not bad for you, it’s the bun and the side of fries and the pop that comes with it. I know right eww carbs, yeah yeah , let’s ditch the carbs, well carbs are not that bad for you either. With all things in moderation. Sugar is bad, processed food is bad. But it’s ok to go and enjoy burger week. Also don’t feel too bad about the bad eating either. Bad things happen sometimes, it’s a way a of life, bad choices , bad food choices. Just have to learn from these things and more importantly the triggers of these choices and try and control these triggers if you can. Then everything will fall Into place.

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