Disney and Goal Setting

We are planning another Disney trip in November of this year. We are very excited to go back again. But looking back at photos of my trip in 2007, and photos of 2017… I really want to get the bit of weight I’ve gained back off.

*2007 with Cinderella and Marilyn

*2017 with Chris and Castle







I still have an active membership with Weight Watchers and earlier this year made some commitments I just wasn’t ready to keep. Grief really has done a number on me and I ate my feelings longer than I would have liked. Which according to my Dr is completely normal. So that was welcome news. But now that I have 25 new friends in the form of pounds gained, it’s time to get rid of them.

I want to create a list of Disney based “rewards” for myself. Today started with tracking and planning and not eating the Easter chocolate. Now I just have to execute a plan to either get out for a walk or to the gym before supper.

But I digress. What Disney based rewards could I set for myself? For every 5 lbs lost what do I get? If I hit that goal what do I get? If I exceed it what do I get? I’m looking to my fellow Disney lovers to help me build this fun list.

I’m also hoping to encourage a friend who has been struggling for some time. In January we both committed to our weight loss goals and both of us have been floundering. It’s time to stop playing around. We both have our reasons to take some pounds off and both involve our health and peace of mind of our loved ones. We need to get our acts together and I’m hoping I can inspire and keep us both motivated. I’m always better at this with a buddy.

So I encourage you to give me some ideas of incentives/rewards!

In the mean time, I should be back to regular posts this week. Coming out of hibernation will be good for me.





  1. Hello again my friend. Self improvement is always a worthy quest. I would recommend that you look at different rewards over others.. i know most consider bad food as a reward, but that is counter productive. Find an activity you enjoy and use this as the reward. Aka had a good workout. Go play catch with x, or read that book under that tree. Go for a bike ride. etc.

  2. There are different things that could be used as incentives. New outfits for the trip. A piece of jewelry or a purse to purchase from the parks. A special experience while away, a tour or dining experience?
    I am really interested to see what others suggest. πŸ™‚

  3. I feel some new clothes for the trip would be a great incentive. Also as Stacey stated above, the parks have beautiful purses. Perhaps a Disney charm to start a charm bracelet πŸ™‚ They also have beautiful makeup items such as Snow White lipsticks which would be great!

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