The Book of Unfinished Projects

Do you have a list of unfinished projects?

I do and it’s something that frustrates me. In all my years I can’t say I’ve had a hobby that has clung to me quite like writing and baking. They are the only ones that has been consistent. I’ve started sewing, I have more than one unfinished sewing project stashed away in the closet. I’ve painted, I’ve scrap booked, I’ve done card making. All of these things I dove into hoping I’d find my passion. I enjoy these things, but I don’t want to sink hundreds of dollars in supplies in them.

My greatest joy comes from baking for others, frosting a cake, entertaining my friends. Is that a hobby? I watch my husband jump from many hobbies, all of which he is good at and has many completed projects across all of them. I reflect a bit on this and wonder, why can’t I find my something? So that when he is painting miniatures, I could be beside him working on something? Currently, when he is painting I am either working in my planner or surfing Disney sites or Pinterest (where hobby envy begins). I am such an outgoing and passionate person, why can’t I find something I love like him? Well something that doesn’t involve food??

This year I have started reading more, I’m hoping that helps me not only write more, but helps me find a hobby that I’ll really thrive at. For the girl who is organized and always has something on the go, I long for just one thing that’s “my thing” and I hope this little journey to find it is fruitful.

So it begins…

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