For the love of all that is Tolkien and Lucas

My infatuation with The Lord of the Rings books and movies has never every faded away. Since my mid 20’s I’ve been infatuated with all the characters from that universe and they are forever encased in a time and place where they will forever be immortal. Gandalf was many things to many characters along their journey, for me Gandalf came along precisely when I needed him. He was wise, and funny and could be there whenever I cared to visit him. Unlike my late grandfather. I came to realize early in my love of Gandalf and his various roles that he filled that gap for me. Reading about him, watching Ian McKellen play him on screen filled my sad heart.

When the last Hobbit Movie was on the big screen a few years back Bilbo and Gandalf were sitting on the rocks after the last battle and I burst into tears. I realized this would be the last time I’d ever see this representation of Gandalf on the big screen, Ian McKellen would never again fill the shoes of this endearing character. I felt heart broken.

It’s amazing how we can grow so attached to fictional characters, sometimes even more so when actors bring them to life on stage or screen. It makes the fiction tangible to us. I’ll forever be thankful to Gandalf for being there when I needed him, and I think of all the characters I’ve connected with over the years. Do you have a favourite character of all time?  Why are they important to you?

For 2018 I made a commitment to do more reading. So far I’m ahead of the curve and my to read list keeps growing. I’d be interested to hear some of your suggestions on what you think I should read in 2018. I’m always looking for a new story to pull me in, so please share!

Speaking of being attached to characters, this week will be the end of Star Wars Rebels. While I’m new to watching it, I binged through it all, and now that it’s coming to an end I am heartbroken! I have grown to love all of the characters and Kanan may have been my favourite. I find that with it ending I want to dive into books to read more of their backstory. I’m just not ready to let go.  Once the series ends, perhaps I’ll post some of my closing thoughts here. Until then – SPOILER FREE ZONE.

The relationships we build with these fictional characters can be powerful. How have fictional characters shaped your life?

Happy reading friends!





  1. Read “A New Dawn” it is a novel that tells the 1st meeting of Kanan and Hera. I enjoyed it. Also Kanan had a comic series that ran 20 some issues detailing his childhood.

  2. Dad read Lord of the rings to my brother and I at bed time when we were kids. Gave me a love for fantasy. So many books have a special place in my heart. But none like the Hobbit and Lord of the rings.

    1. Same. Hard to explain to someone how something can be so close to your heart. I’ve never encountered anything quite like it. While I enjoy many authors and their stories, nothing will ever live up to the world Tolkien created.

  3. I am with you on the world of Tolkien. When I discovered his books I let like I had met a kindred spirit something I sorely needed at the time. I think those characters and stories shall always hold a special place inside my heart plus they opened my eyes to a broader group of fiction. Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden are also childhood friends who were important to me. The impact story can have on us during different times of of life is an amazing thing.

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