This one goes out to the ones I love…

Love comes in all forms, shapes and sizes. It can be passionate and wild, soft, kind and comforting. It can destroy you and it can build you up. It can be a foundation for your life, it can be the crack that brings everything down. You know where  I’m going here. We all experience it. We love our partners, our family, our friends and ourselves.

Love can take you on many journeys in a life time. Where has love taken you?

While Valentine’s Day (is today), people buy candy for each other, flowers and gifts, I try each day to show my husband how much I love him and today is just a day where we can choose to do a little extra. It’s important that the spirit of Valentine’s day lives on within us each day, in how we treat our partners, our family and friends. When we look back at the end of our lives, no matter how much love we put out there and get back, we will always wish we said something more or did something more, so why don’t we do everything we can right now?

My love for my husband runs deep, and has many facets. We were friends long before we were coupled and because of that deep friendship we have built something very special, resilient and strong. He is my rock.  My love of my friends runs equally as deep. I love them all so loud and true. I’ve always loved my family and friends openly, I put my heart out there on my sleeve almost always. I have no regrets. Sometimes I do question my own sanity, that perhaps I should tread with caution, but really what do I have to lose? By putting it all out there, I have everything to gain, and if a little pain or life lesson comes my way, I still came away with something… the lesson. By loving those around me in this way, I have no regrets. I never worry if they will question how important they are to me and the foundation of my life. Be true to your feelings, be honest with those you love. It’s a scary thing, but also something that has fueled me for most of my adult life.

I wrote the other day about believing in yourself, and overcoming fears. Love is something that can paralyze us with fear. Try to overcome that. Tell those you love, that you do. Not only will it strengthen your bonds of friendship/family, but it opens a new dialogue of potential closeness.

My friends, don’t be scared to love. Even when you get your feelings hurt, the sweet is only made sweeter with the sour.

Much love


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  1. There is a lot of truth here. Being friends with your spouse truly does deepen your love for each other and it will continue to grow sweeter with time. The people you love know it and value the love you share with them. Happy heart month!

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