Positive Thoughts and Comic Book Dreams

As some of you know my husband is co-owner of a local comic shop (we also sell board games and novelties).  This was the little shop that love built. Just over 4 years ago he and his best friend rallied the troops and began an amazing journey. I am still very proud of their accomplishments, even has it evolves and changes. It was his best friend’s dream for many years and together with the help of a few others they turned it into a reality. Now sometimes it’s not a “dream” being a small business owner in a small city that is struggling to rebuild it’s identity, but those challenges build resilience and grit that is not for the faint of heart. In fact, I know many local business owners in our little city and all will tell you that it’s not for the faint of heart and it has been a character building experience for them.


My point here though is this. Do not let fear paralize you from exploring your dreams. It is better to take the leap of faith, adventure out and explore your dream(s) then to stare out the window and day dream of them.  This is true for a new or different hobby, house, job etc.  Fear will cause you to settle for the medioche, the just ok. Dare to dream, feel passion, love and exhiliration!

Swallowing our fear, or standing up to it is just one baby step to what can turn into an amazing journey of self discovery. There are so many facets of life I could be talking about here and that could apply to your own journey. But my friends, don’t be scared. Believe in yourself. Yes you will stumble, fall, and maybe skin your knees and palms. But scrapes and cuts heal, as does our pride and ego.  It’s important to know our strengths and weaknesses when embarking on these journeys, the trick is to never let them slow us down or stall us out.  Use them to push forward and rally with determination.

While this might seem like a Monday peptalk just as much to myself as it is to you, in some ways it is. Why can we always give enouragement and compliments to others, but use negative self talk to ourselves? I’m committing this week to a) Only talk to myself how I would talk to my friends b) immediately turn around any negative self talk with a positive trait or quality.  It’s something small but it’s something that helps me overcome my fears and take on new challenges.

So I encourage you to share with others what you will do this week to build yourself up.

*Photo Credit – Alicia Robichaud Photography



  1. Love this. As I was reading this I was picturing our time in Barbados. The waves were blissfully high and the undercurrent strong. I was pulled under a couple times. Skinned my knees on the ocean floor. But that didn’t stop me from getting right back in there. Dreams are the same. I wouldn’t be where I am without trying for them. Some I’ve conquered. Some have skinned my knees. And some I’m on my umpteenth dive in.

  2. I am discovering that my habit of procrastination and derailing my progress are stemming from a place of fear. Oddly enough sometimes it’s fear of failure but most often it’s a fear of success which then leads to change. Trying to be honest with myself helps, so Monday pep talks all around! Thanks Jessica!

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