The Travel Bug

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love to travel. Doesn’t even have to be far! I’m happy to weekend in Halifax, visit friends in Toronto, or Montreal. I travel so much, it was hard to write city names here and not airport codes!

What I love the most about traveling is just that – I’m old school. The idea of getting on a plane to leave my city makes me feel like a special snowflake! While it’s old hat for most, I still enjoy it. I have a friend who is in the air 200 plus days a year and he isn’t a pilot! That lifestyle isn’t for me, I’m more about finding the balance on travel and maybe that’s so I will always enjoy it?

This year I’ll get to go to Las Vegas several times, Montreal in July and if I get my way somewhere else in the fall with my husband. But what is really driving our travel savings right now is a 2020 trip to Disney, and doing all the things we want (Resort we want, Dining plan we want etc etc) All told, it won’t be much more than our Honeymoon was, but more importantly we are really looking foward to the company. We could go to a fishing shack in Bar Harbour with these folks and it would promise to be a good time, Disney will just be epic!

The idea of travelling a few times a year fills my heart with joy.  Where do you dream about traveling? My bucket list is long and I hope to hit at least half of them in my lifetime.

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